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Invader Zim's Website of Doom!!!


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All About the Managers

Yep. That's what I said. This page is all about us.

Hi. I am Leah, but you can call me Buz. I run this site along with Ashley, also known as Zip. I luv invader Zim and I hope you do too. It is the best choice, cuz GIRs got the best voice. (that rhymes) Um, I like to draw, and ride horses. I like TV, and Boyz...My fave singer is Avril Lavigne, and my fave band is The calling. I play guitar, and my fave colors are red, orange and purple. I am not a preppy, I am kind of a skater punk person.I like video games, and computers. I dislike Nickelodeon, cuz they cancelled Zim, so I put up this site to keep the spirit of the show alive. Well, thats enough of me. Scroll down to read about Ashley. C ya, wouldnt wanna be ya from leah (buz)

Hi! I'm Ashley AKA Zip. I am obsessed with Zim, and I am really ticked that they cancelled it. I am such a big fan. I like to draw comics, and watch tv. I like riding my quad, and being mean to my little sister. LOL. I like computers, and Weird Al. I like the color Orange. My best friend is Leah (Buz) I really like drawing Zim and his pals. I know a lot about Zim, and really wish they werent cancelling it. Me and Buz are Zims #1 Fans. Well, I'll let you go look at the rest of the site. I have to or something...