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Episode Guide

Here is a guide to all the eppys. They may be inaccurate at times. Sorry, but they might be.

Episode 1 "The Nightmare Begins"

The pilot episode. Zim got a little too excited in Operation Impending Doom 1, and started destroying before he even left the planet. Now he's come back after being banished, and the Tallest want to get rid of him by sending him to a 'mysterious planet'. He happens upon Earth, and sets up a base to start learning of it's inhabitants. Dib recognizes Zim as an alien, and a chase scene ensues. Zim also gets his messed up little SIR in this episode.

Click here for Episode 1 Screen Shots.


Episode 2 "Parent Teacher Night"

This is the first time we REALLY meet the parentoids. Zim agreed to traverse to parent teacher night, and now must get his 'parents' up to social par. GIR manages to feed them the wrong information, and all hades breaks loose at the meeting.

Click here for Episode 2 Screen Shots.


Episode 3 "Walk of Doom"

In my opinion, this is the best episode yet. Zim is repairing GIR's directional chip, and wants to test it by getting lost in the city. Unfortunately, GIR decides to leave the chip at home to make room for food. Hilarity ensues as Zim tries to get home using the sun, a bus, and even a cab

Click here for Episode 3 Screen Shots.


Episode 4 "Bestest Friend"

Zim is constantly worried about being found out as an alien by not seeming 'normal.' It is noticed that he has no friends, so Zim is determined to appease the other students by making a friend. He puts a few children through various odd tests before choosing Keef. Zim doesn't feel this is a long term relationship, however, and Keef becomes rather obsessive. Zim must get rid of him any way possible.

Click here for Episode 4 Screen Shots.


Episode 5 "Nanozim"

Zim finds himself in quite a mess when Dib sneaks into his house and gets a photo of him without his disguise. (GIR, incidently, had left both the door and window open.) His only way of escape--erase Dib's memory. It becomes of game of life and death when Zim goes up against Dib's sister Gaz in arcade style; battleground--Dib's body.

Click Here For Episode 5 Screen Shots.

Episode 6 "Germs"

Zim catches that old story about how the aliens were killed off by simple human germs, so now he is freaked over the thought of any germs around him. He attempts to sanitize everything, but GIR keeps ruining his plans.

Click Here For Episode 6 Screen Shots

Episode 7 "Dark Harvest"

Zim is sent to the school nurse for having a pigeon in his hair. Dib makes some passing crack about how the nurse will notice his lack of human organs, and he will be exposed. Zim then borrows human organs from various people on the way to the nurse's office.

Click Here For Episode 7 Screen Shots

Episode 8 "Attack of the Saucer Morons"

Zim is out testing the capabilities and defences of human police officers. His mighty Irken ship is brought down by a bee, however, and he can't seem to get ahold of GIR to bring it home. He leaves it in a 'safe, secluded' area to pick up later. UFO nuts have captured it when he gets back. After a few tests he's eventually exposed as an alien, and worshipped before he can escape.

Click Here For Episode 8 Screen Shots

Episode 9 "The Wettening"

Zim's first encounter with rain goes terribly wrong. Apparently it causes extreme discomfort to Irken skin. Dib takes advantage of this genetic downfall by splashing Zim whenever possible, and bringing out water balloons. Zim learns how to make a protective layer of glue, and brings out his own water balloon -- the mother of all water balloons.

Click Here For Episode 9 Screen Shots

Episode 10 "Career Day"

The students are assigned a career after taking an ink blot test. They then work with a professional in their assigned field for the day. Dib gets his dream job as a paranormal investigator, while Zim is working in a fast food restaraunt. It's an odd time of year, though, and Zim is feeling a little uneasy...

Click Here For Episode 10 Screen Shots

Episode 11 "Battle-Dib"

Dib has been invited to show his discoveries on Zim to a secret society of paranormal freaks, but he must have his permission slip signed by his father first. Dib must get into his father's TV show to get the paper signed, but a highly miffed Gaz is out to stop him at every turn.

Click Here For Episode 11 Screen Shots

Episode 12 "A Room With A Moose"

This episode starts out with Zim reviewing various less than pleasant encounters with the skool children. He has decided it is time to get rid of them, especially Dib. The next day he spends about 3 hours in the bathroom hatching his plan. When he comes back to class everyone is mysteriously sent on a mandatory field trip -- everyone BUT Zim, that is. Once the students are locked on the bus we not only learn that Dib is an outcast too, but that Zim is shooting them into space! Zim debated on sending the group to a dimension of itchies, or another of pure poop. He eventually decided on (dramatic pause)... a Room with a Moose! (Prepare your bladder for immediate release!) Dib eventually finds a way out of it, but his clueless classmates are less than thankful.

Click Here For Episode 12 Screen Shots.

Episode 13 "Hamstergeddon"

Ms. Bitters and her class are given a class pet to help keep morale up. Though Zim finds the hamster repulsive, he does not fail to notice that it makes the humans weak. He attaches a machine to the fuzzy animal so that the more it eats, the larger it grows. Peepi escapes before Zim is ready, however, and proves beyond the alien's control. Zim and Dib almost team up in trying to stop the overgrown critter.

Click Here For Episode 13 Screen Shots.


Episode 14 "Invasion Of The Idiot Dog Brain"

Zim has been having an exceptionally high number of security problems as of late, so he decides to go down below and fix the central brain. Gir is assigned to watch the 'taco beam' for any changes. (That's the only way he'll pay attention, as his mind is devoted to tacos at the moment.) Gir drops his toy moose, and sticks his head in the beam while trying to retrieve it, thus becoming one with the house. He attempts to use Zim as a squeezy toy, and makes him do a lil dance in the elevator. His need for tacos eventually takes over, and he rampages through the city to find the crazy taco stand.

Click Here For Episode 14 Screen Shots.


Episode 15 "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy"

Building a time-object-displacement machine, Zim plans on destroying Dib before he can become a nuisance. The hunter-destroyer machine is not compatible with the time stream, however, and Zim angrily chucks Gir's rubber pig into the gateway. The pig replaces Little Dib's tricycle, causing quite a wreck. Zim decides to wage his war through piggies, and keeps tossing them back in time to damage Dib. Prof. Membrane saves his broken son by building a huge mech suit to be his body. The larger, stronger, and vengeful Dib goes after Zim and his piggies.

Click Here For Episode 15 Screen Shots.


Episode 16 "Planet Jackers"

While spying on other Invaders and their conquering progress, Zim witnesses the Earth being surrounded by a tv lined shell. Zim fruitlessly tries to convince Dib to let him use his telescope to confirm his theory. In the end he just jets on out to check out whats going on. It appears the Planet Jackers have decided to throw the Earth and it's moon into their dying sun for fuel. It's up to Zim to save Earth so that HE can destroy it later.

Click Here For Episode 16 Screen Shots & Clips.


Episode 17 "Rise Of The Zitboy"

Dib tries - yet again - to sneak through Zim's gnome field (this time dressed as a huge squirrel). When he is inevitably caught, he lets slip that Zim may have some major flaw in his defences. Zim goes back inside to ponder the comment when pizza covered Gir launches himself at the irken invader. The hideous dosage of grease gives Zim a nasty pimple. Acne Blast, Gir's suggestion, only makes the thing grow. While trying to keep Gir from playing with the blemish, Zim learns that it has hypnotizing powers. His new mission? Go to skool and hypnotize Dib into releasing the secret of where Zim's defensive flaw is.

Click Here For Episode 17 Screen Shots & Clips.


Episode 18 "Plague of Babies"

A night time crash landing catches the attention of a baby next door. Zim is determined that the child may alert the authorities, so he disguises himself as a baby inspector to go observe the young one. Noogums remains in disguise during Zim's visit. Later, however, the baby reveals himself as Shnookey, a captain for the proud race of Nagah! Shnookey and his small horde of minions attack Zim in his own base in attempts to steal his voot cruiser and return to their planet. Gir saves the day by being plugged into the power amplifier and emiting deadly waves of stupid.

Click Here For Episode 18 Screen Shots & Clips.


Episode 19 "Bloaty's Pizza Hog"

It's Gaz's turn to choose. Family Night only comes around once a year, and Gaz has decided to eat at Bloaty's Pizza Hog. Dib has run off to attack Zim's base. Prof. Membrane reminds Gaz that if her brother doesn't return in time, then the evening will have to be canceled. With her typical scowl, Gaz straps on her own gear and tromps off to rescue Dib from Zim's clutches. She doesn't care about him though. She just wants to go eat with her dad. He will NOT ruin this for her.

Click Here For Episode 19 Screen Shots & Clips.

Favorite Episode

In this area I'll talk about my all-time favorite episode. I'll try to explain why I think it's the best and why it's important to me personally.