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Cast Biographies

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of my favorite TV show. Here's a sample of the format and type of the information I might include.

The Cast
This is zim's group of pals from the show...

Almighty Tallest Red & Purple

The leaders of Irk, as they are the tallest of the species. Red seems to be the more aggressive (if forgetful) one, while purple is more intelligent. Kevin Mcdonald and Wally Wingert did the voices for the Almighty Tallest.



Our main man, and the smallest Irken Invader. He was once banished to Food Courtia, but quickly made his way back to Conventia when he learned of another Doom project. To get rid of him the Allmighty Tallest sent him to a 'mysterious planet,' but he found Earth instead. Now he's trying to learn how to conquer it without being revealed as an alien life form. Richard Horvitz does the voice for Zim.


Zim's defunct SIR. Another cruel joke on Zim. The Allmighty Tallest didn't want to waste a real SIR on him, so they quickly put together this lil bot slave. He's exceptionally goofy/stupid, and often ends up more of a hinderance than a help. His earth disguise is that of a green dog. He's probably the most famous for singing the Doom Song. Rosarik Rikki Simons does the voice for GIR.

The Parents

When Zim first arrived he had GIR gather information on what is 'normal' on earth so they could disguise themselves properly. It seems he picked up on parental figures. These are the two robots that Zim has made to be his 'parents.' Their social and mental skills are very minimal, and they nearly cause him to be exposed during a parent teacher night.


Paranormal junkie who happened to catch the transmission about Operation Impending Doom from Conventia. Not only does he know about the take overs, but he recognizes Zim as an alien when he comes to class. Zim and Dib become enemies from the very beginning. Dib is always working to expose the Irken Soldier. Andy Berman does the voice for Dib.


Dib's sister, and most likely younger. She is determined that Dib is the bane of her existence. They're not very loving siblings. She's as cynical and dark as they come, and never misses a chance to ruin one of Dib's schemes. Melissa Fahn does the voice for Gaz.

Professor Membrane

The Professor is Gaz and Dib's father. He's an exceptionally bright man, though he seems a touch too busy with his experiments and tv show to really pay a lot of attention to his children. It is unknown where his wife is.

Ms. Bitters

The 'skool' teacher, Ms. Bitters loves to talk about doom, and the endless black hole that her students (past, present and future) have for a life. She's not the most cheery person, and is known to resemble a phantom/snake in movement and sound. A very scary lady. Lucille Bliss does the voice for Ms. Bitters.

Thay was the cast of Zim. You can find Bio's on the cameo characters at this me to see the cameo bios

Cameo Characters are not included in the cast bios...