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This is a page for all of you Gir Fans....

Gir. Well, I think you all know who he is, but I'm not so sure, so I'll give you a synopse of him. Gir is a little bot who's brain is made of some used gum, a marble, a paper clip, and some other junk. Out of the open, he's crazy, and a bit dumb.  He is Zim's sir. I can never remember what S.I.R. stands for. Gir was another cruel prank on Zim from the tallest. I think he is more of a nuisance than help. He is normally a mettalic gray color with blue/ red eyes, when not wearing his lil green doggy suit. He is known to have a mixed personality, and turn into a lil meanie when Zim has total control. Gir has only two real friends. A stuffed moose, and a lil stuffed piggy. In a future episode, the moose is part of Zim's plans of world domination. Gir also likes tacos, and taquitos. For some reason he enjoys headless clowns. He once made Gaz dance. It was scary....

In case you didn't know this, a synopsis is a short essay type thingy.